Synthetic/Industrial Multipurpose

TRITON™ ELL (Aqua Green)
Premium Synthetic, Semifluid, EP Lithium Complex Grease
Long-life, synthetic-based EP grease specially developed for the lubrication of wheel bearings on non-driven truck trailer axles equipped with oil seals. Also recommended for industrial equipment operating at high temperatures and industrial gearboxes where oil leakage is a problem.
Available in NLGI Grade No. 00.

TRITON™ HP (Brown)
Premium Synthetic EP Lithium Grease for Cold Temperatures
Synthetic-based EP grease for industrial and mobile equipment operating at very low temperatures. Approved by GM for the lubrication of sliding mechanisms on seats and manual transmission shifters during vehicle assembly.
Available in NLGI Grade No. 1.

TRITON™ 100,220,460 (Purple)
Premium, Multipurpose Synthetic Lithium Complex Greases
Synthetic-based greases formulated with three different base oil viscosities for use in a wide variety of industrial and mobile equipment operating at extreme temperatures and under light to heavy loads,
Available in NLGI Grades 2 (TRITON* 100 and 220) and 1.5 (TRITON1460).

TRITON™ XD5 (Platinum)
Premium Synthetic EP Calcium Sulfonate Grease with 5% Moly for Heavy Equipment
Synthetic-based EP grease for construction, mining and other off-road mobile equipment operating at moderate to low temperatures and under heavy loading. Excellent rust and corrosion protection. Meets Caterpillar and Terex requirements for 5% moly grease.
Available in NLGI Grades 00,0,1 and 2.